My Crazy German

I'll be honest with you: my German language is all over the place :-) I first started learning German at school in England. But, as is the case with all language training at the time in English schools, I learned very little. And a lot of what I learned, I have found to be actually wrong.

I moved to Luxembourg when I was around 13 years old, and started with the European School German classes. But I found them to be far too hard and again learned very little. Though at least this time I was learning little from a native German speaker, so what little I did learn was correct German.

After returning to England for many adventures in filmmaking (another story), I found myself back in Luxembourg. The national language of Luxembourg is a complicated thing: the language of government & law is French. The languages of Luxembourg City is French in shops, cafés and restaurants, with a significant mix of English and Portuguese. The locals speak Luxembourgish and are usually fluent in French, German & often English.

Very often I find myself using my crazy German when speaking to technical people. German is used a lot by tradespeople within Luxembourg. And obviously, I use German when I visit nearby Trier across the German border.

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