Monday, July 11, 2011

Der Vater Nummer 1 #1 Dad in German Father's Day Buttons

Part of a Series

This German design 'Der Vater Nummer 1' is part of a series of designs I did for Fathers in several languages. For French speaking Fathers, I made this 'Le Père Numero 1' design. For Italian speaking Fathers, 'Il Padre Numero 1'. And for Spanish speaking Fathers, two versions: in the colors of the Mexican Flag this 'El Padre Número 1' and in the colors of the Spanish Flag, this 'El Padre Número 1'.

A Popular & Interesting Choice of Color

At the moment, this is my most popular German language gift of the past month. I think it's interesting that people have been prefering a product for Fathers, with the choice of a pink background. Pink is not typically what an Artist would select for a masculine color. And yet, it is clearly what people wanted this past month. I'm very glad I offered them a choice of background colors :-)

Fun & Funky in Pink

There is, however, a healthy school of Pop Art in modern German Art Culture. When I first matched the colors of the German flag to a pink background, I felt it was a good fit. And I was remindered of this Pop Art characteristic of comtemporary German Art. I think it's a fun and funky mix of colors and one that I enjoy immensley.

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