Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Gute Fahrt Good Trip in German Vacations Travel T Shirts

I sold a copy of this German Language Gute Fahrt Design over the weekend - very pleased! :-)

'Gute Fahrt' is German for 'Good Trip'. It's the perfect German language expression for the summer, with so many of us taking holidays / vacations at this time of year!

Once again I choose a friendly font for this most friendly of German language expressions :-) I wanted a font that was, first of all, easy to read. But also a font that was soft on the eye, without jagged edge.

I feel this font gives the right friendly, positive feel to the 'Gute Fahrt' expression on this German language gift / present.

I wanted to add a graphic to this Gute Fahrt design that would enhance the effect and message of the design. I am really pleased with the look of the ship I've placed here. It's a really eye-catching and dynamic image!

I feel the ship graphic carries a real sense of movement into this German language gift / present.

As is the case with all my German language designs, I like to us the wonderful, rich colors of the German flag: you'll notice that each individual element (text and graphic) has their own 'German flag color scheme'.

I really like the look of this repeated black, red & yellow pattern down this Gute Fahrt gift / present.

The design featured here in on a light blue background, which I feel works well with the 'sea going' nature of the design. You can also buy this design in a wide range of different colors :-)

I feel this Gute Fahrt design would make for the perfect German language gift / present for a lover of the German language who is going on holiday / vacation.

Perhaps you have family back in Germany, who you know are planning a trip, and you're looking for a gift / present? This Gute Fahrt German language product would make for the perfect gift / present.

This German language Gute Fahrt design would also be a unique and original gift / present for linguaphiles, linguists and lovers of language in general, who are planning a holiday / vacation.

I feel this Gute Fahrt product line would work for both young and old:

Perhaps you know a German speaker who is about to retire and go on a cruise or tour? Or perhaps you know a student learning German who is about to take a year out and go backpacking around the world?

This Gute Fahrt German language product would be perfect as a gift / present for either the old retirement cruise or the young backpacker!

This German language design is available on 83 different products, so you'll have plenty choice of gift / present! :-)

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