Saturday, June 11, 2011

Guten Tag (German Flag Colors & Smiley Face) Tshirts

This is the first German Language Design that I sold - I was so happy! :-)

I really love the simple, friendly effect of this design! I think it takes the everyday German phrase Guten Tag (hello in English) and depicts it in a simple, everyday, friendly way.

I selected a really friendly font for this Guten Tag design. Then I added a big smiley face :-) Finally I placed the whole design in the colors of the German flag: black, red and yellow.

I've sold a lot of these Guten Tag Smiley Face Tshirts, which makes me feel really happy. I love the idea of people sharing joy with my products.

I think this Guten Tag Tshirt would make the perfect gift or present for someone learning German at any level, but particularly beginners. This German language design would also work really well as a gift or present for germanophiles, linguaphiles and linguists in general, or anyone who loves the wonderful German Language :-)

This Guten Tag German Flag Colors & Smiley Face Tshirt is by far my most popular German Language Gift / Present.

This German language design is available on 83 different products, so you'll have plenty choice of gift / present! :-)

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